The Benefits Of Regular Deep Conditioning

The Benefits Of Regular Deep Conditioning Treatments

It's no secret that regular deep conditioning treatments can have a positive effect on the condition of your hair. The benefits are many and it is advisable to incorporate the practice into your hair care regimen.

Here  are a few good reasons why you should deep condition regularly.

1. It helps to prevent damage.

Regular deep conditioning treatments help to prevent future damage. It can strengthen hair and also somewhat repair minor damage due to excessive heat styling, exposure to chlorine and over exposure to sun. We recommend Okra Hair Repair Reconstructive Conditioner

2. Imparts moisture to dry hair.

A good deep conditioner will add hydration to hair strands, giving it the much needed moisture it's lacking. Try Royal Honey & Argan Hair Mask

3. Helps to restore hair's elasticity.

Hair lacking in elasticity will snap and break under tension. In order to combat breakage, hair needs to be elastic so that it can stretch instead of break. Deep conditioning treatments can do just that. Products that contain ceramides, keratin and wheat proteins can help improve elasticity in the hair. We recommend Banana Brûlée Hair Mask or Plum Nectar & Agave Moisture Rich Hair Mayo

4. Encourage healthy hair growth.

Conditioners containing rosemary oil, citrus extracts, peppermint, ginseng root among others can help stimulate hair follicles and improve blood circulation to the scalp. When there is proper blood circulation on the scalp, hair will grow. We recommend Apple Nectar & Rosemary Follicle Boost Treatment Mask

5. Makes it shiny and soft.

Deep conditioning can repair the hair's shaft, filling in gaps in the cuticles. This can help hair retain moisture which can contribute to softness. It also makes the hair shaft smoother causing light to reflect on the cuticles. The result is shiny, healthy looking hair. Try Passionfruit & Flax Treatment Therapy Hair Mask

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